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Economic Impact

We put 2,000 people to work in Massachusetts! 

Our employees are your friends and neighbors – we’re truckers, warehouse workers, IT professionals, graphic designers, sales teams, and office personnel. Today, these family-owned American businesses employ more than 63,020 workers in every state at 5,900 wholesaler locations

Thousands of Massachusetts’ residents depend on us for their livelihood. Job creation, and providing Massachusetts consumers safe choices, is what we are all about. 

The wine and spirits industry creates 18,820 direct jobs in Massachusetts. 

  • Wholesalers employ 2,000 of these constituents.
  • In total, the wine and spirits industry generates 32,660 jobs in Massachusetts.
  • The people working in these jobs receive over $1.42 billion in wages.
  • The economic impact of the industry in Massachusetts is over $3.86 billion. 
  • The Massachusetts government also benefits, receiving $517,757,200 in tax revenue. 
  • This is on top of $168,399,400 in tax revenue received by the federal government. 

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