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3-Tier System

The 21st Amendment—ratified 80 years ago—repealed the 18th Amendment and ended Prohibition.  In its wake, the modern three tier beverage alcohol system took shape.  This unique structure ensures the widest variety of products available anywhere in the world, delivered in a manner that provides a predictable revenue stream to local, state and federal governments, while also protecting consumer safety and guaranteeing product integrity.

Today, wine and spirits wholesalers are the vital middle tier—the central link—in this system.  Wholesalers create important efficiencies in the marketplace and effectively lower the transaction and search costs of products for consumers. 

Who We Are

The Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of Massachusetts is committed to serving as a reliable source of genuine wines and spirits to Massachusetts consumers. 

Made up of the state’s 4 largest locally-owned wholesalers, our focus is on working together to educate the public on the benefits of the 3-tier distribution system, promote safe and responsible sales and serving practices, contribute economically, and give back to our local communities.  



Four generations of family ownership and over 80 years in sales, marketing, and service, Horizon employs over 700 people and offers the very best in beer, wine and spirits in Massachusetts. For a complete history of the company, please visit:


You may know the Martignetti name from the family-owned grocery business in Boston’s North End, where Carmine Martignetti and sons began selling wine, spirits, cheese, and pasta. In 1933, Martignetti received the first retail license for alcoholic beverages in Massachusetts and grew its business, eventually expanding to distribution and wholesale in the 1970’s. Since then – led by brothers Carmine and Carl, the 4th generation of the family to own the business – Martignetti has grown to nearly 1,000 employees in Massachusetts while offering the broadest selection of fine wines and spirits in the marketplace. For a complete history of the company, please visit

Ruby Wines

Family owned and operated, Ruby Wines, Inc. has provided superior wines for more than four generations. Led by CEO and President Robert Rubin, Ruby Wines has hundreds of dedicated employees and a senior management team that includes Brad Rubin -- the son of patriarch Ted Rubin -- who has worked hard to make a Ruby Wines a celebrated name in the industry. The company’s philanthropy spans from local events to an annual event for the Jimmy Fund that raises over $750,00. For a complete history of the company please visit

MS Walker

In 1931 the family business set up shop in Boston’s South End, and once Prohibition ended in 1933, MS Walker began producing and selling alcoholic beverages. Since then, MS Walker has maintained its integrity and strength as a family business spanning five generations. Today, the Somerville-based company is under the leadership of President and CEO Harvey Allen -- the third-generation of the Walker family to run the business -- along with more than a dozen other members of the family.